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The National Funding Scheme is the charity behind DONATE, the mobile giving platform. DONATE is the way to give to causes that inspire and move you. It's been designed to make it easy for you to make donations using your mobile phone.

Press releases

Notre Dame, Paris rebuild fund - UK emergency appeal

[16 th April 2019, London, UK] The devastating fire that destroyed so much of Notre Dame, Paris during 15 th April will be rebuilt through... read more

16.04.2019 • By National Funding Scheme

Contactless giving to charity shown to raise 5x cash donations Edit

Release date: [17th July 2018, London, UK] Direct comparison shows DONATE™ is 5x more effective for charity fundraising than cash giving "The... read more

17.07.2018 • By National Funding Scheme

2 tickets for Champions League final raises £20,000 for Scottish youth club

Reaching new donors in new ways Release date: [24 May 2018, London, UK] DONATE™s innovative text raffle service raises £19,870... read more

24.05.2018 • By National Funding Scheme

London barber users contactless donation technology to raise £4,300 for...

[February 2018, London, UK] DONATE’s™ contactless donation technology raises £4,302.41 for the Mayor’s Fund for London over 5 days... read more

02.02.2018 • By National Funding Scheme

Launch of “tap+ DONATE™” contactless charity boxes

DONATE™ confirms 23 rd October 2017 for first availability of tap+DONATE™ contactless boxes DONATE™, the UK’s mobile donation charity, has... read more

27.09.2017 • By National Funding Scheme

tap+DONATE™ boxes to revolutionise instant giving to charity

DONATE™ provides contactless giving at European Rugby matches with the support of School of Hard Knocks and Heineken ® DONATE™, the UK’s... read more

30.03.2017 • By National Funding Scheme

Give to Yemen appeal now, conveniently and securely, by text

[28 February 2017, London, UK] Yemen continues to be in crisis. Malnutrition is still widespread and water scarce. Almost 19 million people in... read more

01.03.2017 • By National Funding Scheme

DONATE adds recurring donation functionality

17th October 2016 - DONATE the UK's mobile-first donation platform, today announces a relaunched product. Key to the relaunch is a facility to... read more

17.10.2016 • By National Funding Scheme

A thank-you card to the EU after 43 years

It's less than twelve hours since the outcome of the referendum. Some of us are feeling a bit rotten and hung-over after last night, others are... read more

24.06.2016 • By National Funding Scheme

DONATE launches silent auction service

National Funding Scheme adds silent auction capability to DONATE DONATE (the UK's leading charity mobile fundraising platform) today... read more

08.06.2016 • By National Funding Scheme

Cash in our pockets continues to decline. Charities turning to phone...

24th May 2016 - DONATE (the charity brand of the National Funding Scheme), in conjunction with YouGov, today announces the results of its... read more

24.05.2016 • By National Funding Scheme

DONATE's text raffle service raises £1200 for charity in 3 minutes

DONATE (from national charity, National Funding Scheme) has launched its text raffle service across all major mobile networks with the first use... read more

25.04.2016 • By National Funding Scheme

Support the French Red Cross #ParisAttacks

In response to the recent atrocities in Paris, we have set up a donation page for the Red Cross in France to raise much needed funds for the... read more

17.11.2015 • By National Funding Scheme

The National Funding Scheme raises over £250,000 for charity

The National Funding Scheme has as of today raised over £250,000 for both arts and non-arts charities. Notable achievements include the £75,000... read more

14.07.2015 • By National Funding Scheme

DONATE fundraising technology used during charity auction

Flannels for Heroes is an annual charity cricket match raising funds for Combat Stress and Walking with the Wounded. The fundraising event held on... read more

06.07.2015 • By National Funding Scheme